David Douglas 5K Run

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Eric Dolezal 25M VancouverWA00:16:380:05:22M611CCRC
2 Matt Urbonski 27M  00:17:060:05:31M622 
3 Jesse Mcchesney 20M VancouverWA00:17:120:05:33M513CCRC
4 Riley Eoff 21M VancouverWA00:17:210:05:36M524 
5 Jonathan Graves 21M VancouverWA00:17:230:05:36M535 
6 Mario Beaudoin 36MYacoltWA00:17:290:05:38M816 
7 Logan Christensen 17M  00:18:070:05:51M417 
8 Jake Rose 19M  00:18:400:06:01M428Montana State
9 Ben Cornet 33M PortlandOR00:18:470:06:04M719 
10 Chet Gardner 35M VancouverWA00:19:130:06:12M8210 
11 Dave Holmes 49MLa CenterWA00:19:260:06:16M10111 
12 P Touch 16M  00:19:530:06:25M4312 
13 Sami Andrews 19F  00:19:560:06:26F411Concordia
14 Juan Picho 47M VancouverWA00:19:570:06:26M10213 
15 Mike Grimshaw 43M  00:20:040:06:28M9114CCRC
16 Russ Zornick 51M VancouverWA00:20:080:06:30M11115CCRC
17 Jenny Knight 36F VancouverWA00:20:140:06:32F812CCRC
18 Madeleine Sellers 49FWashougalWA00:20:370:06:39F1013 
19 Alex Zornick 19M VancouverWA00:20:470:06:42M4416 
20 George Porter 47MBrush PrairieWA00:20:500:06:43M10317 
21 Mark Boydston 51M  00:21:100:06:50M11218 
22 Julie Vonhalle 26F  00:21:180:06:52F614 
23 Fred Schlappi 48MWashougalWA00:21:520:07:03M10419 
24 Melvin Hoff 28M VancouverWA00:21:590:07:05M6320 
25 Nathan Sellers 51MWashougalWA00:22:050:07:07M11321 
26 Sheri Bottelberge 40F VancouverWA00:22:060:07:08F915 
27 Rebecca Leong 15F  00:22:150:07:11F426 
28 Jessica Pyatt 25F  00:22:180:07:12F627 
29 Ken Stickney 54M  00:22:190:07:12M11422 
30 Joe Kregal 63M PortlandOR00:23:040:07:26M13123 
31 Queena Beebe 30F  00:23:110:07:29F718 
32 Lance Thiede 62M VancouverWA00:23:130:07:29M13224 
33 Jim Thorne 38M VancouverWA00:23:170:07:31M8325 
34 Ralph Martinez 58M VancouverWA00:23:490:07:41M12126 
35 Terresa Holmes 46FLa CenterWA00:23:520:07:42F1029 
36 Joe Rowley 54MTroutdaleOR00:23:540:07:43M11527 
37 Rachael Alvick 15F  00:24:000:07:45F4310 
38 Kat Ellis 19F VancouverWA00:24:040:07:46F4411 
39 Brian Mcmaster 19M  00:24:040:07:46M4528 
40 Paul Flanagan 76MLongviewWA00:24:050:07:46M16129 
41 Alisha Gipe 16F  00:24:050:07:46F4512 
42 Mary Shen 47F VancouverWA00:24:340:07:55F10313 
43 Sandi Wiebe 58F VancouverWA00:24:570:08:03F12114 
44 George Stpierre 53MCamasWA00:25:070:08:06M11630 
45 Jasonp Smith 36M VancouverWA00:25:150:08:09M8431 
46 Emily Vis 15F  00:25:190:08:10F4615 
47 Melanie Holmes 23FLa CenterWA00:25:200:08:10F5116 
48 Kristen Ton 34F VancouverWA00:25:270:08:13F7217 
49 Mike Craig 47M  00:25:290:08:13M10532 
50 Craig Smith 42M VancouverWA00:25:300:08:14M9233 
51 Talu Bryce 30F  00:25:450:08:18F7318 
52 Peter Bennink 53M VancouverWA00:25:530:08:21M11734 
53 Lindsay Mcchesney 21F VancouverWA00:25:590:08:23F5219 
54 Andrea Mcchesney 14F  00:25:590:08:23F3120 
55 Jodi Murray 42FWashougalWA00:26:110:08:27F9221 
56 Dan Riley 56M VancouverWA00:26:110:08:27M12235 
57 Ron Hughes 54M VancouverWA00:26:120:08:27M11836 
58 Ross Nudd 26M Battle GroundWA00:26:210:08:30M6437 
59 Pat Dolan 61MWashougalWA00:26:510:08:40M13338 
60 Howie Petker 47M  00:26:530:08:40M10639 
61 Chuck Rushenberger 47M  00:27:270:08:51M10740 
62 Sara Shenk 16F  00:27:280:08:52F4722 
63 Bryan Chapman 56M WoodlandWA00:27:580:09:01M12341 
64 Heidi Shenk 38F  00:28:240:09:10F8223 
65 Becky Vidales 34F VancouverWA00:28:250:09:10F7424 
66 Keith Fitch 76M PortlandOR00:28:550:09:20M16242 
67 Alex Fullerton 30M  00:29:230:09:29M7243 
68 Stephanie 19F  00:29:260:09:30F4825 
69 Sandy Riley 53F  00:29:310:09:31F11126 
70 Heidi Fitzgerald 52F  00:30:130:09:45F11227 
71 Herb Mccord 43M VancouverWA00:30:260:09:49M9344 
72 Sarah Abernathy 55F VancouverWA00:30:430:09:55F12228 
73 Kelly Hoff 26F  00:31:160:10:05F6329 
74 Bridget Pisan 48F  00:32:210:10:26F10430 
75 Rayann Thorne 38F  00:32:360:10:31F8331 
76 Kevin Murray 39MWashougalWA00:33:040:10:40M8545 
77 Jessica Gipe 20M  00:39:500:12:51M5446 
78 Liana Boyle 15F  00:41:230:13:21F4932 
79 Priscilla Bacon 32F  00:43:410:14:05F7533 
80 Darlene Dolan 63FWashougalWA00:50:570:16:26F13134 
81 Scott Dolan 39MWashougalWA00:50:570:16:26M8647 
82 Rosann Notareschi 63F  00:50:570:16:26F13235 
83 Rayann Notareschi 38F  00:50:570:16:26F8436 
84 Tonya Mccord 39F  00:53:000:17:06F8537 
85 Matthew Mccord 10M  00:53:010:17:06M3148 

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