David Douglas 5K #2

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Jesse Mcchesney 31M VancouverWA00:17:190:05:35M711CCRC
2 Branden Chou 15M  00:19:000:06:08M412 
3 Bill Dolan 38MWashougal 00:19:070:06:10M813 
4 Willy Sayers 39M VancouverWA00:19:220:06:15M824 
5 Gary Daubenspeck 51MHood RiverOR00:19:370:06:20M1115 
6 Alan Roy 25M VancouverWA00:19:420:06:21M616 
7 Kenneth Davis 32M VancouverWA00:19:470:06:23M727 
8 Brandon Reyes 23M  00:19:560:06:26M518 
9 Shaun Martin 39M  00:19:560:06:26M839 
10 Patrick Kelly 49M VancouverWA00:20:050:06:29M10110 
11 Roselynn Martin 16F  00:20:130:06:31F411 
12 Eugenio Vidales 59M VancouverWA00:20:180:06:33M12111 
13 Gianni Harrington 15M  00:21:030:06:47M4212 
14 Eric Dolezal 37M VancouverWA00:21:100:06:50M8413CCRC
15 Jere Dietz 28M  00:21:100:06:50M6214 
16 Daniel Obeventer 38MRidgefieldWA00:21:490:07:02M8515 
17 Kevin Bergstrom 22M VancouverWA00:23:020:07:26M5216 
18 Ken Stickney 66MVancouver 00:23:070:07:27M14117 
19 Robert Roper 43M VancouverWA00:23:090:07:28M9118 
20 Michaela Bruns 22F VancouverWA00:23:230:07:33F512 
21 Silvia Reyes 45FVancouver 00:23:310:07:35F1013 
22 Sean Oneal 38M  00:23:450:07:40M8619 
23 Pam Mckinney 50FVancouver 00:23:560:07:43F1114 
24 Gavin Melina 15M  00:24:080:07:47M4320 
25 Fevet Ibrahian 14F  00:24:140:07:49F315 
26 Claire Rogge 11F VancouverWA00:24:300:07:54F326 
27 Mark Staub 63M VancouverWA00:24:410:07:58M13121 
28 Eugenio Vidalesjr 18M VancouverWA00:24:450:07:59M4422 
29 Madeleine Sellers 60FStevensonWA00:24:460:07:59F1317 
30 Dave Soelberg 50M VancouverWA00:25:000:08:04M11223 
31 Russ Zornick 62M VancouverWA00:25:010:08:04M13224CCRC
32 John Stirniman 62M VancouverWA00:25:030:08:05M13325 
33 Bob Hagan 65MStevensonWA00:25:100:08:07M14226 
34 Juan Picho 57M VancouverWA00:25:190:08:10M12227 
35 Mats Johansson 64M VancouverWA00:25:300:08:14M13428 
36 Tiffany Chou 48FVancouver 00:25:460:08:19F1028 
37 Mike Mckinney 50MVancouver 00:26:160:08:28M11329 
38 Sabin Kotsovos 12M VancouverWA00:26:210:08:30M3130 
39 Sam Matthews 35MVancouver 00:26:350:08:35M8731 
40 Erl Galatz 45F  00:26:430:08:37F1039 
41 Joe Kregal 74M PortlandOR00:26:470:08:38M15132 
42 Annie Christie 43F  00:26:470:08:38F9110 
43 John Phillips 65M VancouverWA00:27:050:08:44M14333 
44 Lou Diaz 62MVancouver 00:27:100:08:46M13534CCRC
45 John Swatosh 62M  00:27:160:08:48M13635 
46 Kevin Wolfe 53M VancouverWA00:27:220:08:50M11436 
47 Holly Kotsovos 42F VancouverWA00:27:360:08:54F9211 
48 Ralph Martinez 69M VancouverWA00:28:230:09:09M14437 
49 Dennis Pingree 66M  00:28:460:09:17M14538 
50 Joe Rowley 65MTroutdaleOR00:29:550:09:39M14639 
51 Ken Andrews 64M VancouverWA00:30:000:09:41M13740 
52 Tom Harris 73M VancouverWA00:30:100:09:44M15241 
53 Kevin Edwards 62M VancouverWA00:31:050:10:02M13842 
54 Emma Green 49F  00:31:170:10:05F10412 
55 Ellie Mcfadden 13FCamas 00:31:200:10:06F3313 
56 Heather Mcfadden 46FCamas 00:31:210:10:07F10514 
57 Merill Creagh 66F  00:31:440:10:14F14115 
58 Odene Turner 60M VancouverWA00:31:490:10:16M13943 
59 Rob Nelly 61M VancouverWA00:32:000:10:19M131044 
60 Charlonda Fielder 32FCamasWA00:32:250:10:27F7116 
61 Teresa Phimister 64F VancouverWA00:33:400:10:52F13217 
62 Kris Krohn 64F VancouverWA00:33:400:10:52F13318 
63 Blake Kellams 27M  00:33:550:10:56M6345 
64 Michael Bruns 55M VancouverWA00:33:580:10:57M12346 
65 Pam Mueller 60FVancouver 00:34:560:11:16F13419 
66 Mark Fleming 55M  00:35:090:11:20M12447 
67 Lourdes Zakrzewski 56FVancouver 00:36:000:11:37F12120 
68 Charlene Bluth 51F VancouverWA00:36:110:11:40F11221 
69 Rick Gances 52M  00:37:000:11:56M11548 
70 Dan Riley 67M VancouverWA00:37:450:12:11M14749 
71 Alissa Fleming 27F VancouverWA00:38:000:12:15F6122 
72 Mckenzie Fleming 24FVancouver 00:38:000:12:15F5223 
73 Shawn Mandrones 42F VancouverWA00:38:020:12:16F9324 
74 Jenny Deaconnelly 61F VancouverWA00:39:180:12:41F13525 
75 Malinda Lefave 60F  00:44:240:14:19F13626 
76 Sarah Abernathy 67F VancouverWA00:44:340:14:23F14227 
77 Connie Vowells 67F  00:44:340:14:23F14328 
78 Sandy Riley 64F VancouverWA00:48:290:15:38F13729 
79 Clinton Cotton 33M  00:50:000:16:08M7350 
80 Bryan Chapman 67M WoodlandWA00:52:060:16:48M14851 
81 Daniel Harris 36MVancouver 00:58:020:18:43M8852 

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