Hangover 3 Mile Run at Salmon Creek

3 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Oscar Bauman 43M VancouverWA00:15:150:05:05M911ccrc
2 Jesse Mcchesney 27M VancouverWA00:15:170:05:06M612CCRC
3 Eric Dolezal 33M VancouverWA00:16:350:05:32M713CCRC
4 Dave Caldwell 41M  00:17:060:05:42M924 
5 Mario Beaudoin 44MCamasWA00:17:440:05:55M935 
6 Joe Dudman 51M PortlandOR00:18:120:06:04M1116Team Red Lizard
7 Rolf Vellek 46MVancouver 00:18:350:06:12M1017 
8 Brad Holbrook 46M  00:19:010:06:20M1028 
9 Dan Donovan 50M  00:19:350:06:32M1129 
10 Sam Matthews 31MVancouver 00:19:500:06:37M7210 
11 Ken Croteau 54MNewbergOR00:19:550:06:38M11311 
12 Juan Picho 54M VancouverWA00:19:560:06:39M11412 
13 Jamie Skinner 57MLa CenterWA00:20:040:06:41M12113 
14 Gary Daubenspeck 48MHood RiverOR00:20:060:06:42M10314 
15 Ken Stickney 62MVancouver 00:20:200:06:47M13115 
16 Bill Meadowcraft 52M VancouverWA00:20:350:06:52M11516 
17 Lucas Martin 40MVancouver 00:20:380:06:53M9417 
18 Jim Thorne 46M VancouverWA00:21:260:07:09M10418 
19 Pam Mckinney 47FVancouver 00:21:440:07:15F1011 
20 Kaitlyn Mckinney 21FVancouver 00:21:440:07:15F512 
21 Don Jenkins 53MRosebergOR00:21:450:07:15M11619 
22 Mark Staub 60M VancouverWA00:21:590:07:20M13220 
23 Larry Mock 55MNewbergOR00:21:590:07:20M12221 
24 John Buckman 44M  00:22:040:07:21M9522 
25 Queena Beebe 38FCamas 00:22:080:07:23F813 
26 John Phillips 61M VancouverWA00:22:090:07:23M13323 
27 Jack Dojan 42M VancouverWA00:22:130:07:24M9624 
28 Michaela Bruns 18F VancouverWA00:22:170:07:26F414 
29 Megan Bruns 16F VancouverWA00:22:200:07:27F425 
30 Russ Zornick 59M VancouverWA00:23:110:07:44M12325CCRC
31 Jenesa Reich 37F  00:23:200:07:47F826 
32 Mats Johansson 61M VancouverWA00:23:250:07:48M13426 
33 Katarina Mueller 24F VancouverWA00:23:420:07:54F527 
34 Kellen Stjohn 11MTualatinOR00:23:460:07:55M3127 
35 Del Scharffenberg 70MMilwaukieOR00:23:470:07:56M15128 
36 Ed Lalonde 63M  00:24:000:08:00M13529 
37 Suzanne Frary 52F VancouverWA00:24:050:08:02F1118 
38 Amanda Mcshea 14F  00:24:170:08:06F319 
39 Art Roper 74M  00:24:210:08:07M15230 
40 Amy Campbell 33FVancouver 00:24:300:08:10F7110 
41 Bob Baker 61M Battle GroundWA00:24:380:08:13M13631 
42 Gunnar Grant 58M VancouverWA00:24:420:08:14M12432 
43 Barbie Holder 42FVancouver 00:25:280:08:29F9111 
44 Darhl Thomason 49MVancouver 00:25:320:08:31M10533 
45 Rob Oster 48MLa Center 00:26:000:08:40M10634 
46 Zack Martin 35M VancouverWA00:26:000:08:40M8135 
47 Jennifer Teppo 56F VancouverWA00:26:050:08:42F12112 
48 Andy Perice 54MBostonMA00:26:050:08:42M11736 
49 Ken Andrews 60M VancouverWA00:26:230:08:48M13737 
50 Tom Harris 69M VancouverWA00:26:280:08:49M14138 
51 Cora Martin 34F  00:26:300:08:50F7213 
52 Rayann Thorne 46F  00:26:330:08:51F10214 
53 Kim Kloft 48F VancouverWA00:26:400:08:53F10315 
54 Lori Koeb 45F VancouverWA00:26:400:08:53F10416 
55 Geoff Nelson 58MRidgefield 00:26:480:08:56M12539 
56 Eileen Kuffner 46F Portland 00:26:510:08:57F10517 
57 Diane Carden 55FCamasWA00:26:550:08:58F12218 
58 Esther Holman 51FCarson 00:27:020:09:01F11219 
59 Dana Stjohn 39MTualatinOR00:27:100:09:03M8240 
60 David Cralley 44M VancouverWA00:27:150:09:05M9741 
61 Lindsay Mcchesney 29F VancouverWA00:27:200:09:07F6120 
62 Sandy Jorgensen 55F VancouverWA00:27:300:09:10F12321 
63 Poppy Marler 42 Battle Ground 00:27:380:09:13 10 
64 Sarah Abernathy 64F VancouverWA00:27:400:09:13F13122 
65 Jay Kitchin 68MVancouver 00:27:420:09:14M14242 
66 Laura Nelson 58FRidgefieldWA00:28:000:09:20F12423 
67 Douglas Harvey 55MN BonnevilleWA00:28:170:09:26M12643 
68 Julie Oster 45FLa Center 00:28:200:09:27F10624 
69 Charlonda Fielder 29F VancouverWA00:28:330:09:31F6225 
70 Christi Kunze 43FVancouver 00:28:390:09:33F9226 
71 Dan Riley 64M VancouverWA00:28:570:09:39M13844 
72 Peter Bennink 61M VancouverWA00:29:150:09:45M13945 
73 Joseph Turner 20M VancouverWA00:29:160:09:45M5146 
74 Odene Turner 56M VancouverWA00:29:260:09:49M12747 
75 Kiara Mueller 14FVancouver 00:29:300:09:50F3227 
76 Pam Mueller 57FVancouver 00:29:450:09:55F12528 
77 Bill Burrus 54M VancouverWA00:29:480:09:56M11848 
78 Peggy Burrus 52F VancouverWA00:29:480:09:56F11329 
79 Dick Bruce 75M VancouverWA00:29:540:09:58M16149 
80 Julius Fernandez 37MVancouver 00:29:590:09:59M8350 
81 Steve Cackley 69M PortlandOR00:30:110:10:04M14351 
82 Kris Krohn 60F VancouverWA00:30:130:10:04F13230 
83 Amy Price 49FWashougalWA00:30:130:10:04F10731 
84 Cricket Crane 45F  00:30:220:10:07F10832 
85 Mark Frey 58MMilwaukieOR00:30:280:10:09M12852 
86 Rodger Oconnor 50M  00:30:300:10:10M11953 
87 Don Croteau 64M VancouverWA00:30:300:10:10M131054 
88 Steve Janzen 58M VancouverWA00:31:010:10:20M12955 
89 Cynthia Stjohn 39FTualatinOR00:31:060:10:22F8333 
90 Edavid Granum 69MWest LinnOR00:31:090:10:23M14456 
91 Bill Fallon 75M VancouverWA00:31:260:10:29M16257 
92 Janet Fallon 70F VancouverWA00:31:260:10:29F15134 
93 Teresa Phimister 61F VancouverWA00:31:260:10:29F13335 
94 Jenny Deaconnelly 58F VancouverWA00:32:000:10:40F12636 
95 Donna Delay 60F  00:32:100:10:43F13437 
96 Kelly Day 51F VancouverWA00:33:230:11:08F11438 
97 Bob Lynes 77MCamasWA00:35:000:11:40M16358 
98 Randy Contreras 56M VancouverWA00:35:140:11:45M121059 
99 Rick Curwen 64M PortlandOR00:35:540:11:58M131160Team Red Lizard
100 Jenni Denekas 27F PortlandOR00:38:040:12:41F6339 
101 Joe Kregal 71M PortlandOR00:40:410:13:34M15361 
102 Jim Scheer 73M VancouverWA00:40:550:13:38M15462 
103 Cheyenne Leonard 27F VancouverWA00:42:590:14:20F6440 
104 Phil Phimister 62M VancouverWA00:45:000:15:00M131263 
105 Bryan Chapman 64M WoodlandWA00:45:010:15:00M131364 
106 Charla Scharffenberg 70FMilwaukieOR00:45:070:15:02F15241 
107 Lana Ferris 20FVancouver 00:45:450:15:15F5342 
108 Maryn Ferris 49F  00:45:450:15:15F10943 
109 Dan Nehnevaj 18MVancouver 00:46:500:15:37M4165 
110 Glen Hostetter 60M VancouverWA00:47:330:15:51M131466 
111 Patty Bruns 54F VancouverWA00:48:440:16:15F11544 
112 Michael Bruns 51M VancouverWA00:48:450:16:15M111067 
113 Carol Kuffner 73F PortlandOR00:50:230:16:48F15345 
114 Charles Kuffner 77M PortlandOR00:50:230:16:48M16468 
115 Sean Dargen 53MVancouver 00:52:000:17:20M111169 
116 Stan Holman 47MCarsonWA00:56:160:18:45M10770 
117 Claudia Holman 75FCarson 00:56:160:18:45F16146 

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