Race for the Homeless 5K Walk

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Lorelei Stuben 17F VancouverWA00:29:260:09:30F411 
2 Ellie Seo 15F  00:30:170:09:46F422 
3 Susan Cruz 50F VancouverWA00:35:430:11:31F1113 
4 Glenn Smith 50MRidgefieldWA00:38:540:12:33M1111 
5 Cheikh Soumare 23MTualatinOR00:39:170:12:40M512 
6 Gabriele Canazzi 30F VancouverWA00:39:190:12:41F714 
7 Michele Druschel 60F VancouverWA00:40:130:12:58F1315 
8 Barbara Gere 40FBrush PrairieWA00:40:170:12:59F916 
9 Meg Mcnicholas 50F VancouverWA00:41:140:13:18F1127 
10 Katie Johnson 23F VancouverWA00:41:580:13:32F518 
11 Janet Short 55F  00:42:130:13:37F1219 
12 Jennifer Seo 46F  00:42:470:13:48F10110 
13 Yuski Seo 47M  00:42:470:13:48M1013 
14 Krista Moore 43F  00:43:120:13:56F9211 
15 Jason Moore 46M  00:43:410:14:06M1024 
16 Kristy Mccartney 40F Battle GroundWA00:43:510:14:09F9312 
17 Melody Finnemore 49F  00:43:540:14:10F10213 
18 Tristan Casebeer 23M VancouverWA00:44:100:14:15M525 
19 Jenika Flynn 20F  00:45:230:14:38F5214 
20 Regina Flynn 50F  00:45:230:14:38F11315 
21 Becky Jones 30F VancouverWA00:45:570:14:49F7216 
22 Julie Bacon 40F VancouverWA00:46:100:14:53F9417 
23 Skip Benge 60MYacoltWA00:46:150:14:55M1316 
24 Shalamar Poki 34F  00:47:130:15:14F7318 
25 Ethan Poki 35M  00:47:160:15:15M817 
26 Kristina Amundson 40FCamasWA00:47:210:15:17F9519 
27 Alyssa Amundson 18FCamasWA00:47:220:15:17F4320 
28 Melissa Bickley 40F VancouverWA00:48:120:15:33F9621 
29 Libbey Schaak 40F VancouverWA00:48:200:15:36F9722 
30 Brenda Richardson 50F Battle GroundWA00:48:510:15:45F11423 
31 Karen Demko 60F VancouverWA00:49:340:15:59F13224 
32 Debbie Baker 60F WoodlandWA00:50:010:16:08F13325 
33 Lois Kimber 50F VancouverWA00:50:210:16:14F11526 
34 John Kimber 60M VancouverWA00:50:210:16:14M1328 
35 Lynsey Stepan 23F VancouverWA00:50:430:16:21F5427 
36 Arielle Soumare 23FTualatinOR00:50:430:16:22F5328 
37 Zach Smith 17M  00:52:020:16:47M419 
38 Gavin Michael 17MRidgefieldWA00:52:050:16:48M4310 
39 Logan Mccartney 17M Battle GroundWA00:52:050:16:48M4211 
40 Daniel Pop 30M PortlandOR00:52:430:17:00M7112 
41 Bob Bruechert 50M VancouverWA00:52:450:17:01M11213 
42 Karin Bruechert 50F VancouverWA00:52:450:17:01F11629 
43 Sue Williams 63F  00:52:470:17:02F13430 
44 Jerry Rhodes 63M  00:52:480:17:02M13314 
45 Devin Mccartney 18M Battle GroundWA00:53:140:17:10M4415 
46 Betsy Oliverio 50FBrush PrairieWA00:53:250:17:14F11731 
47 Kimberly Ikehara 61F  00:53:480:17:21F13532 
48 Charell Hanson 50F VancouverWA00:54:090:17:28F11833 
49 Nicki Denny 60F VancouverWA00:54:160:17:30F13634 
50 Dakota Sprecher 17F VancouverWA00:54:170:17:30F4535 
51 Veeann Finnemore 60F PortlandOR00:54:170:17:31F13736 
52 Cindy Baker 17F WoodlandWA00:54:170:17:31F4437 
53 Joshua Henry 17MAmboyWA00:54:180:17:31M4516 
54 Jamie Henry 40FAmboyWA00:54:180:17:31F9838 
55 Maddy Brady 18FAmboyWA00:54:190:17:31F4639 
56 Megan Miller 37F  00:54:200:17:32F8140 
57 Lynn Willoughby 38F  00:54:220:17:32F8241 
58 Desirae Sprecher 30F VancouverWA00:54:240:17:33F7442 
59 Dawn Raltz 50F VancouverWA00:54:240:17:33F11943 
60 Jim Jones 60F VancouverWA00:54:430:17:39F13844 
61 Cindee Franklin 50F VancouverWA00:54:450:17:40F111045 
62 Kathy Fockler 40F VancouverWA00:54:480:17:41F9946 
63 Sandra Lobbestael 40F VancouverWA00:54:480:17:41F91047 
64 Melinda Mctaggart 60F  00:55:060:17:46F13948 
65 Kristin Kautz 65F  00:55:090:17:47F14149 
66 Dondi Floyd 40F VancouverWA00:55:270:17:53F91150 
67 Kari Andrell 50F  00:55:280:17:54F111151 
68 Roy Floyd 40M VancouverWA00:55:300:17:54M9117 
69 Julie Tollefson 60FCamasWA00:55:300:17:54F131052 
70 Margie Lantz 60F VancouverWA00:56:010:18:04F131153 
71 Dean Lantz 60M VancouverWA00:56:010:18:04M13418 
72 Maryann Eastty 60FRidgefieldWA00:56:040:18:05F131254 
73 Kay Jones 60F VancouverWA00:56:050:18:05F131355 
74 Kelly Casebeer 50F VancouverWA00:56:050:18:06F111256 
75 Chris Scarburry 50M VancouverWA00:56:120:18:08M11319 
76 Shelly Speyer 50F VancouverWA00:56:240:18:12F111357 
77 Lynn Miller 60MWoodburnOR00:57:000:18:23M13520 
78 Janice Miller 60FWoodburnOR00:57:010:18:24F131458 
79 Randy 46M  00:57:150:18:28M10321 
80 Missy Somarakis 30FKalamaWA00:58:510:18:59F7559 
81 Nicko Somarakis 40MKalamaWA00:58:510:18:59M9222 
82 Larry Patterson 60M VancouverWA01:00:170:19:27M13623 
83 Erma Patterson 60F VancouverWA01:00:180:19:27F131560 
84 Roberta Sawyer 60F VancouverWA01:00:220:19:28F131661 
85 Lisa Krussow 40F VancouverWA01:00:300:19:31F91262 
86 Sonja Einerson 30F VancouverWA01:00:300:19:31F7663 
87 Sarah Krussow 17F VancouverWA01:00:380:19:34F4764 
88 Seth Krussow 17M VancouverWA01:00:380:19:34M4624 
89 Sheila Heuschkel 30F VancouverWA01:00:380:19:34F7765 
90 Travis Rossman 30M BeavertonOR01:00:430:19:35M7325 
91 Matt Hebert 30MCheneyWA01:00:430:19:35M7226 
92 Robert Hebert 60M VancouverWA01:00:440:19:35M13727 
93 Cynthia Ashby 40F VancouverWA01:00:470:19:36F91366 
94 Anthony Ikehara 30M VancouverWA01:01:360:19:52M7428 
95 Stan Ikehara 60M VancouverWA01:01:380:19:53M13829 
96 Lisa Woltersdorf 50F Battle GroundWA01:01:510:19:57F111467 
97 Cindy Fritz 40F VancouverWA01:01:540:19:58F91468 
98 Ramona Anderson 35F  01:02:010:20:00F8369 
99 Abbie Mumley 32F  01:02:020:20:01F7870 
100 Colleen Smith 50FNaselleWA01:02:030:20:01F111571 
101 Denise Hebert 60FVancouverWS01:02:260:20:08F131772 
102 Megan Valencia 30F VancouverWA01:02:450:20:14F7973 
103 Mumley Jp 33M  01:02:500:20:16M7530 
104 Christian Anderson 33M  01:02:500:20:16M7631 
105 Braylie Watrous 17F Battle GroundWA01:03:360:20:31F4874 
106 Kim Winegarder 30F VancouverWA01:03:480:20:35F71075 
107 Bri Watrous 30F Battle GroundWA01:03:570:20:38F71176 
108 Ruth Wiram 60F VancouverWA01:05:480:21:14F131877 
109 Gary Wiram 60M VancouverWA01:05:530:21:15M13932 
110 Patricia Campbell 50F VancouverWA01:06:210:21:24F111678 
111 Stephanie Mcharg 43F  01:06:230:21:25F91579 
112 Julie Crockett 50F PortlandOR01:06:580:21:36F111780 
113 Tonnie Stewart 40F VancouverWA01:07:480:21:52F91681 
114 Julie Ryan 60F VancouverWA01:07:500:21:53F131982 
115 Ann Rinchard 73F  01:09:200:22:22F15183 
116 Evan Hull 60M VancouverWA01:10:050:22:37M131033 
117 Markus Reinhardt 23M VancouverWA01:10:450:22:49M5334 
118 Steve Reinhardt 50M VancouverWA01:10:450:22:49M11435 
119 Helen Imperial 60FCamasWA01:11:410:23:07F132084 
120 Carmen Barnes 40F  01:12:310:23:23F91785 
121 Kim Heying 45F  01:12:330:23:24F10386 
122 Candy Quigley 45F  01:12:340:23:24F10487 
123 Brad Johnson 40M BeavertonOR01:20:440:26:03M9336 
124 Michael Johnson 17M BeavertonOR01:20:440:26:03M4737 
125 Joanne Johnson 40F BeavertonOR01:20:440:26:03F91888 
126 Jody Lange 60F VancouverWA01:20:470:26:04F132189 
127 Paul Lange 60M VancouverWA01:22:470:26:42M131138 
128 Emery Mcanally 17M VancouverWA01:22:550:26:45M4839 
129 Andrea Mcanally 40F VancouverWA01:22:560:26:45F91990 
130 Mike Gwinn 60M VancouverWA01:23:370:26:58M131240 
131 Gary Dunne 60M VancouverWA01:23:410:26:59M131341 
132 Kim Rogers 50F VancouverWA01:30:290:29:11F111891 

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