Heritage Trail 7 Mile Run

7 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Stan Holman 44MCarsonWA00:43:570:06:17M911 
2 Lason Matson 17MYacoltWA00:45:070:06:27M412 
3 Shane Weldon 18M  00:48:440:06:58M423 
4 Steve Woodley 38M VancouverWA00:49:470:07:07M814Clark County Running Club
5 Jadyn Gourley 15FBrush Prairie 00:51:030:07:18F411 
6 Kevin Donovan 45M  00:53:120:07:36M1015 
7 Brandi Eloff 19F VancouverWA00:53:380:07:40F422 
8 Ivan Hooper 36M  00:53:540:07:42M826 
9 Paul Hooper 34MVancouver 00:54:350:07:48M717 
10 Ivan Schmidt 25MVancouver 00:55:500:07:59M618 
11 Wesley Blundell 18M  00:56:030:08:00M439 
12 Phil Phimister 57M VancouverWA00:56:030:08:00M12110 
13 Aron Black 32MAmboy 00:56:050:08:01M7211 
14 Mike Degraaff 46MLacenterWA00:56:310:08:04M10212 
15 Paul Ruiz 46M VancouverWA00:58:330:08:22M10313 
16 Megan Carroll 29F VancouverWA00:59:190:08:28F613 
17 Jill Gilbert 49FRidgefieldWA00:59:580:08:34F1014 
18 Glen Hostetter 54M VancouverWA01:01:350:08:48M11114 
19 Tracy Totten 18FCamas 01:03:570:09:08F435 
20 Esther Holman 46FCarson 01:04:060:09:09F1026 
21 Dan Riley 58M VancouverWA01:04:310:09:13M12215 
22 Kim Kloft 41F VancouverWA01:05:320:09:22F917 
23 Margaret Lutz 36F VancouverWA01:07:460:09:41F818 
24 Queena Beebe 31F  01:09:000:09:51F719 
25 Talu Bryce 31F VancouverWA01:09:010:09:52F7210 
26 Unidentified 0M  01:11:400:10:14 016 
27 Teresa Phimister 54F VancouverWA01:16:000:10:51F11111 
28 Carolyn Viles 52F VancouverWA01:24:130:12:02F11212 

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