Lincoln City 10K

6.2 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Tom Seals 39MCloverdale 00:44:050:07:07M811 
2 Michelle Mills 38FKeizer,OR00:48:540:07:53F811 
3 John Beck 17MLincoln City,OR00:48:540:07:53M412 
4 Eric Demello 38MLincoln City,OR00:50:410:08:11M823 
5 Rhonda Haynes 49FNewport,OR00:56:070:09:03F1012 
6 Daylyn Turner 12FNewport,OR00:58:360:09:27F313 
7 Ryan Turner 16M  00:58:380:09:27M424 
8 Feather Hryczyk 31FLincoln City,OR00:59:110:09:33F714 
9 Heather Hatton 40FLincoln City,OR00:59:230:09:35F915 
10 Amy Plechaty 34FNeotsu,OR01:00:520:09:49F726 
11 Kristi Kund 42FNewport,OR01:00:520:09:49F927 
12 Jonathan Anderson 27MLincoln City,OR01:01:440:09:57M615 
13 Christopher Mertz 47MDamascus,OR01:01:530:09:59M1016 
14 Heidi Morgan 38FSalem,OR01:02:010:10:00F828 
15 Tim Mcnichol 31MPortland,OR01:02:150:10:02M717 
16 Debbie Jones 44FNewport,OR01:02:170:10:03F939 
17 Julie Hensley 52FLincoln City,OR01:04:500:10:27F11110 
18 Christie Haun 41FLincoln City,OR01:04:500:10:27F9411 
19 Vic Starostka 60MEvansvilleWY01:06:080:10:40M1318 
20 Laura Grasle 26FBeaverton,OR01:06:450:10:46F6112 
21 Katee Snair 38FLongviewWA01:08:590:11:08F8313 
22 Hannah Worthington 10FSalem,OR01:10:100:11:19F3214 
23 Amy Hill 37FKlamath Falls,OR01:10:120:11:19F8415 
24 Tanya Anderson 40FLincoln City,OR01:11:000:11:27F9516 
25 Susan Miller 39FPortland,OR01:11:500:11:35F8517 
26 John Francis 71MDaytonOR01:12:550:11:46M1519 
27 Ak Oppliger 78MMonmouth,OR01:13:120:11:48M16110 
28 Mikhael Montre 32FOtis,OR01:13:320:11:52F7318 
29 Lisa Garber 39FAumsville 01:15:190:12:09F8619 
30 Kris Kelly 37FBeaverton,OR01:15:300:12:11F8720 
31 Erin Buell 35FMountain View, Ca 01:15:340:12:11F8821 
32 Julie May 40FNeotsu,OR01:16:490:12:23F9622 
33 Paul Snair 42MLongviewWA01:19:130:12:47M9111 
34 Jane Svendson 23FMonmouth,OR01:22:380:13:20F5123 
35 Beth Svendson 53FKent,WA01:22:380:13:20F11224 
36 Ruth Liao 25FSalem,OR01:23:090:13:25F6225 
37 Carla Mertz 29FDamascus,OR01:23:360:13:29F6326 
38 Michael Gibson 26MLincoln City,OR01:23:440:13:30M6212 
39 Thomas Lee 32MMinneapolis, Mn 01:23:560:13:32M7213 
40 Carrie Grotvik 35FBeaverton,OR01:31:440:14:48F8927 
41 Majalise Tolan 30FLincoln City,OR01:34:350:15:15F7428 
42 Marica Hockema 55FMilwaukie,OR01:35:000:15:19F12129 
43 Vicki Taylor-roskopf 44FVa 01:45:320:17:01F9730 
44 Cindy Vincente 60FMilwaukie,OR01:52:050:18:05F13131 
45 Lisa Johnsen 44FClackamas,OR01:52:060:18:05F9832 
46 Robert Mcinnis 68MTigard,OR02:06:330:20:25M14114 

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