Spring Burst 10k

6.2 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Mark Friess 37M  00:45:420:07:22M811 
2 Jason Barone 34M OR00:45:540:07:24M712 
3 Doug Tucker 54M OR00:46:050:07:26M1113 
4 Melissa Mocklin-dwiggins 34F OR00:46:470:07:33F711 
5 David Adkins 38M OR00:47:540:07:43M824 
6 Evaristo Galvez 47M TigardOR00:48:190:07:48M1015 
7 Mary Schindeler 28F PortlandOR00:48:340:07:50F612 
8 Cory Becker 36M OR00:49:100:07:56M836 
9 Jason Doerflein 36M OR00:50:250:08:08M847 
10 Charissa Toney 32F OR00:50:250:08:08F723 
11 Brian Bellairs 50M BeavertonOR00:50:320:08:09M1128orrc
12 Lisa Cowan 37FWilsonvilleOR00:51:190:08:17F814 
13 Dave Kaus 43M OR00:51:410:08:20M919 
14 Kelly Marker 32F OR00:51:410:08:20F735 
15 Bryan Becker 32M OR00:52:170:08:26M7210 
16 Ed Mccabe 61M OR00:52:200:08:26M13111 
17 Jon Knapp 33M OR00:52:430:08:30M7312 
18 Mike Hardesty 47M OR00:52:450:08:30M10213 
19 Corrinn Hardesty 21F OR00:52:450:08:31F516 
20 Anna Cunningham 23F OR00:53:220:08:36F527 
21 Bethany Nielsen 28F OR00:53:290:08:38F628 
22 Rob Pryor 39M OR00:54:130:08:45M8514 
23 Gilbert Dewey 35M OR00:54:190:08:46M8615 
24 Zoe Monahan 25F OR00:54:350:08:48F639 
25 Roxanne Clausen 34F OR00:54:350:08:48F7510 
26 Dawn Bott 32F OR00:54:350:08:48F7411 
27 Bill Cool 49M OR00:54:420:08:49M10316 
28 Michael Johnston 56M OR00:55:060:08:53M12117 
29 Nicole Dewey 30F OR00:55:340:08:58F7612 
30 Grant Wesley 44M OR00:55:390:08:59M9218 
31 Crystal Hardesty 45F OR00:55:400:08:59F10113 
32 Paul Steigleder 24M OR00:55:590:09:02M5119 
33 Matthew Devincenzi 23M OR00:56:190:09:05M5220 
34 Brenda Fischer 41F OR00:56:400:09:08F9114 
35 Lynsey Knapp 31F OR00:56:570:09:11F7715 
36 Jeff Meithof 35M OR00:57:050:09:12M8721 
37 Amy Locken 35F OR00:57:060:09:13F8216 
38 Geoff Hill 31M OR00:57:550:09:21M7422 
39 Karen Wright 22F OR00:57:560:09:21F5317 
40 Jennifer Lindgren 35F OR00:58:120:09:23F8318 
41 Rebecca Murphy 26FCentraliaWA00:58:130:09:23F6419 
42 Jamie Sampson 50F BeavertonOR00:59:480:09:39F11120 
43 Summer Becker 33F OR01:00:030:09:41F7821 
44 Martie Steigleder 49F OR01:00:030:09:41F10222 
45 Lynne Mcdonald 47F OR01:00:110:09:42F10323 
46 Sarah Mutch 21F OR01:00:190:09:44F5424 
47 Mark Emerson 24M OR01:00:200:09:44M5323 
48 Alessandro Larosa 39M PortlandOR01:00:330:09:46M8824 
49 Gentry Barone 32F OR01:01:090:09:52F7925 
50 Rhonda Boerner 47F OR01:01:370:09:56F10426 
51 Eric Mehlbrech 25M OR01:01:370:09:56M6125 
52 Davita Eichner 17F  01:02:240:10:04F4127 
53 Annette Vaughan 39F OR01:02:560:10:09F8428 
54 Jen Roark 38F OR01:03:190:10:13F8529 
55 Allison Clarke 38F OR01:03:200:10:13F8630 
56 Kim Hockin 38F OR01:04:090:10:21F8731 
57 Andrea Gilliand 34FHillsboro 01:04:160:10:22F71032 
58 Michelle Wright 44F OR01:04:200:10:23F9233 
59 Pedro Nunez 22M OR01:05:020:10:29M5426 
60 Dahlia Rodriguez 34F  01:05:480:10:37F71134 
61 Paige Sciulli 43F PortlandOR01:06:070:10:40F9335 
62 Jennifer Callans 37FEagle PointOR01:06:500:10:47F8836 
63 Zandi Cox 31F OR01:07:360:10:54F71237 
64 Diane Foster 45F OR01:07:390:10:55F10538 
65 Sherri Peden 41F OR01:07:510:10:57F9439 
66 Larry Klika 61M OR01:08:170:11:01M13227 
67 Kathy Fogerty 49F OR01:09:040:11:08F10640 
68 Lexi Wyatt 57F OR01:11:370:11:33F12141 
69 Cindy Mckinney 47FCanbyOR01:14:230:11:59F10742 
70 Brittany Glenn 18F OR01:14:490:12:04F4243 
71 Chris Dittman 22M OR01:14:490:12:04M5528 
72 Emily Grimmett 23F OR01:16:110:12:17F5544 
73 Jennifer Coxen 36F OR01:16:180:12:18F8945 
74 Katie Monte 28F OR01:17:440:12:32F6546 
75 Carmen Nunez 26F  01:17:530:12:34F6647 
76 Lucas Bensen 23M OR01:17:540:12:34M5629 
77 Belinda Deglow 33F OR01:19:550:12:53F71348 
78 John Holbrook 0M OR01:19:590:12:54 130 
79 Heather Mcgraw 47F OR01:23:510:13:31F10849 
80 Teri Dresler 52F OR01:24:340:13:38F11250 
81 Katie Gillispie 29F OR01:38:510:15:57F6751 
82 Jessica Howell 25F OR01:40:200:16:11F6852 
83 Katie Anderson 31F OR01:40:200:16:11F71453 
84 Karen Robida 56F PortlandOR01:41:200:16:21F12254 
85 Dennis Kirkpatrick 59M WA01:41:570:16:27M12231 
86 Jessica Tracy 34F OR01:41:580:16:27F71555 
87 Philip Schuyler 41M  01:45:110:16:58M9332 
88 Edward Hargis 41M  01:45:160:16:59M9533 
89 Justin Hargis 41M  01:45:160:16:59M9434 
90 Kathleen Schuyler 38F  01:45:160:16:59F81056 

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