Race for the Homeless 10K Run

6.2 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 James Greenham 41MAustinTX00:38:150:06:10M911 
2 Justin Ashworth 40M Battle GroundWA00:39:210:06:21M922 
3 Michael Thelander 31M PortlandOR00:39:520:06:26M713 
4 Sophie Mcdonald 25FFairviewOR00:43:270:07:00F611 
5 Sinclair Lance 53MBlack DiamondWA00:44:260:07:10M1114 
6 Alix Orihuela 16M VancouverWA00:44:390:07:12M415 
7 Elijah Thompson 16M VancouverWA00:44:580:07:15M426 
8 Jeremy Edmondson 42M Battle GroundWA00:45:010:07:16M937 
9 Sandro Pitari 53M VancouverWA00:45:310:07:21M1128 
10 Deborah Blom 34F VancouverWA00:46:100:07:27F712 
11 Jon Fritzler 51M VancouverWA00:46:120:07:27M1139 
12 Jessica Gaffney 26FAlohaOR00:46:510:07:33F623 
13 Zach Weber 38MRidgefieldWA00:46:560:07:34M8110 
14 Shannon Sexton 54F PortlandOR00:47:530:07:43F1114 
15 Jeff Pearson 39M VancouverWA00:48:270:07:49M8211 
16 Kristin Lesseig 52F VancouverWA00:48:570:07:54F1125 
17 Lisa Nienstaedt 55F VancouverWA00:49:330:07:59F1216 
18 Brian Squires 57M VancouverWA00:50:020:08:04M12112 
19 Mark Forstrom 42M Battle GroundWA00:50:020:08:04M9413 
20 Adam Vesely 50MBrush PrairieWA00:50:230:08:08M11414 
21 Will Bacon 50M VancouverWA00:50:240:08:08M11515 
22 Tyler Walsh 29M VancouverWA00:50:360:08:10M6116 
23 Dylan Smith 30M VancouverWA00:51:140:08:16M7217 
24 Ryan Ashlock 30M PortlandOR00:51:200:08:17M7318 
25 Jeff Quade 47M Battle GroundWA00:51:200:08:17M10119 
26 Shelley Johnson 38F Battle GroundWA00:51:230:08:17F817 
27 Mimie Knight 34F VancouverWA00:51:260:08:18F728 
28 Jennifer Brooks 41F Battle GroundWA00:51:300:08:18F919 
29 Michael Gallegos 29M PortlandOR00:52:030:08:24M6220 
30 Bib216 0M  00:52:170:08:26 121 
31 Crystal Small 50F VancouverWA00:52:200:08:26F11310 
32 Bruce Mckelvie 59M VancouverWA00:52:350:08:29M12222 
33 Vanessa Lahuis 41F VancouverWA00:52:440:08:30F9211 
34 Ruth Rice 55F VancouverWA00:52:520:08:32F12212 
35 Tyler Chavers 48M VancouverWA00:53:240:08:37M10223 
36 Alison Finstad 39F Battle GroundWA00:53:400:08:39F8213 
37 Jeff Gillingham 47M VancouverWA00:53:440:08:40M10324 
38 Nicole Sande 30FTumwaterWA00:54:040:08:43F7314 
39 Monet Gonnerman 25F Lake OswegoOR00:54:230:08:46F6315 
40 Scott Gonnerman 52M Lake OswegoOR00:54:230:08:46M11625 
41 Rochelle Smith 50FCamasWA00:54:440:08:50F11416 
42 Ben Schluter 13MCamasWA00:55:010:08:52M3126 
43 Stephanie Gowen 37F VancouverWA00:55:580:09:02F8317 
44 Kermit Santos 52M VancouverWA00:56:120:09:04M11727 
45 Tricia Collier 56FWest LinnOR00:56:190:09:05F12318 
46 Gerald Malloy 56M VancouverWA00:56:200:09:05M12328 
47 Amy Loewen 46F VancouverWA00:56:390:09:08F10119 
48 Kevin Damore 41MCamasWA00:56:530:09:11M9529 
49 Caryn Damore 44FCamasWA00:56:540:09:11F9320 
50 David Bower 36M VancouverWA00:57:220:09:15M8330 
51 Dave Josephson 53MYacoltWA00:57:540:09:20M11831 
52 Jay Camp 53M VancouverWA00:57:560:09:21M11932 
53 Marianne Gaviola 39FCamasWA00:58:110:09:23F8421 
54 Nancy Herron 68F  00:58:290:09:26F14122 
55 Greg Watson 46M VancouverWA00:58:480:09:29M10433 
56 Kim Schluter 39FCamasWA00:58:490:09:29F8523 
57 Marissa Lowder 35F VancouverWA00:58:520:09:30F8624 
58 Scott Wilson 56M Battle GroundWA00:58:520:09:30M12434 
59 Mahayla Amundson 24F VancouverWA00:59:590:09:41F5125 
60 Greg Short 62M Battle GroundWA01:00:130:09:43M13135 
61 Ashley Shanteau 36F VancouverWA01:00:450:09:48F8726 
62 Anke Haskins 51F PortlandOR01:01:060:09:51F11527 
63 Paula Foat 50F PortlandOR01:01:100:09:52F11628 
64 Marit Wagoner 36F PortlandOR01:01:140:09:53F8829 
65 Whitney Goodenow 26FCamasWA01:01:500:09:58F6430 
66 Tom Dixon 44M VancouverWA01:02:030:10:00M9636 
67 Kim Asay 43F VancouverWA01:02:120:10:02F9431 
68 Tracy Cardenas 45F  01:02:520:10:08F10232 
69 Neil Falk 52M PortlandOR01:03:020:10:10M111037 
70 Sarah Huntington 43F VancouverWA01:04:280:10:24F9533 
71 Julie Pietila 59F PortlandOR01:04:380:10:25F12434 
72 Kristin Huggins 46FRidgefieldWA01:04:510:10:28F10335 
73 Rachel Draper 26F VancouverWA01:04:540:10:28F6536 
74 Marie Wodaege 65F WoodlandWA01:05:490:10:37F14237 
75 Linda Labash 71FGladstoneOR01:06:240:10:43F15138 
76 Starla Malloy 56F VancouverWA01:06:310:10:44F12539 
77 Olivia Walsh 27F VancouverWA01:07:110:10:50F6640 
78 Karisa Ham 28F VancouverWA01:07:170:10:51F6741 
79 Wendy Morgan 52F VancouverWA01:07:390:10:55F11742 
80 Gabrielle Whitman 29F VancouverWA01:07:400:10:55F6843 
81 Tim Schluter 38MCamasWA01:07:590:10:58M8438 
82 Julius Fernandez 40M VancouverWA01:08:150:11:00M9739 
83 Cat Harper 20F VancouverWA01:09:310:11:13F5244 
84 Lynne Antonson 51FRichlandWA01:09:400:11:14F11845 
85 Aunnah Anderson 22FHillsboroOR01:09:520:11:16F5346 
86 Nancy Standiford 51F VancouverWA01:10:000:11:17F11947 
87 Glenda Pifer 49F Battle GroundWA01:10:100:11:19F10448 
88 Barbara Gilcrease 55F Battle GroundWA01:10:120:11:19F12649 
89 Jaime Mcdonald 40FFairviewOR01:10:340:11:23F9650 
90 Amber Levy 36FSherwoodOR01:11:280:11:32F8951 
91 Caitlin Cusack 26FOlympiaWA01:11:290:11:32F6952 
92 Bob Anderson 47MHillsboroOR01:14:000:11:56M10540 
93 Christine Harper 60F VancouverWA01:14:200:11:59F13153 
94 Kevin Harper 58M VancouverWA01:14:210:11:59M12541 
95 Angeline Rogers 23FSalemOR01:14:300:12:01F5454 
96 Sarah Anderson 19FHillsboroOR01:20:580:13:04F4155 
97 Tanya Hawes 30F VancouverWA01:29:430:14:28F7456 
98 Greg Hawes 60M VancouverWA01:29:430:14:28M13242 
99 Josh Anderson 17MHillsboroOR01:30:210:14:34M4343 

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