Run-A-Ree Community Run

2.2 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Jaysun Pyatt 41M  00:12:250:05:38M911 
2 Paul Furst 18M  00:12:590:05:54M412 
3 Eric Souerocker 34M  00:13:040:05:56M713 
4 Ridge Lahdi 17M  00:13:570:06:21M424 
5 Bailey Sarvela 16M  00:14:220:06:32M435 
6 Nicholas Campbell 17M  00:14:310:06:36M446 
7 Quin Benning 18M  00:14:380:06:39M457 
8 Trevor Moore 17M  00:14:410:06:40M468 
9 Miles Noreus 16M  00:14:580:06:48M479 
10 Ryan Wheelock 16M  00:14:590:06:49M4810 
11 Mason Holdes 16M  00:15:140:06:55M4911 
12 Jonahs Storaci 16M  00:15:160:06:56M41012 
13 Chris Erdman 51M  00:15:180:06:57M11113 
14 Savanah Kehler 18F  00:15:200:06:58F411 
15 Tanner Bacon 23M  00:15:550:07:14M5114 
16 Isham Khauri 18M  00:16:140:07:23M41115 
17 Andrew Jones 17M  00:16:380:07:34M41216 
18 Zasiie Buhmaster 0F  00:16:380:07:34 12 
19 Josh Gonzales 39M  00:16:540:07:41M8117 
20 Mark Waghu 17M  00:17:080:07:47M41318 
21 Alyssa Dillon 25F  00:17:080:07:47F613 
22 Sofia Tarchi 17F  00:17:210:07:53F424 
23 Russ Zornick 59M  00:17:260:07:56M12119CCRC
24 Daniel Trench 16M  00:17:350:07:59M41420 
25 Tom Harcus 56M  00:17:520:08:07M12221 
26 Lindsey Bell 15F  00:18:040:08:13F435 
27 Kent .burns 64M  00:18:050:08:13M13122 
28 Zoe H 17F  00:18:150:08:18F446 
29 Ben Sabo 16M  00:18:190:08:20M41523 
30 Avery Dyer 11F  00:18:200:08:20F317 
31 Kyle Gonzales 18M  00:18:410:08:29M41624 
32 Jamie Gonzales 36F  00:18:420:08:30F818 
33 Maddie Bretzina 17F  00:18:560:08:36F459 
34 Jessica Lira 16F  00:19:200:08:47F4610 
35 Spencer Williams 33M  00:19:210:08:48M7225 
36 Tuuli Sola 17F  00:19:250:08:49F4711 
37 Alex Gonzales 17M  00:20:190:09:14M41726 
38 Gabriel Reynolds 14M  00:20:590:09:32M3127 
39 Jonathan Hansel 52M  00:21:050:09:35M11228 
40 Jessica Hansel 17F  00:21:180:09:41F4812 
41 Dawn Harcus 54F  00:22:070:10:03F11113 
42 Nick Granback 17M  00:22:190:10:09M41829 
43 Elias Sherburne 17M  00:22:240:10:11M41930 
44 Mattea Bunmaster 0F  00:22:330:10:15 214 
45 Unidentified Bib767 0M  00:22:380:10:17 131 
46 Lizzie Bronder 0F  00:25:510:11:45 315 
47 Daniela Carulli 52F  00:26:190:11:58F11216 
48 Naomi Lizama 17F  00:27:440:12:36F4917 
49 Tristan Long 14M  00:28:160:12:51M3232 
50 Rhianna Bohn 16F  00:30:050:13:41F41018 

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