Strawberry Fields Forever 100K

62 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Riva Muehlbauer 39FUnderwoodWA09:16:240:08:58F811 
2 Stuart Blocher 42MOlympiaWA13:26:560:13:01M911 
3 Derek Easton 37M VancouverWA13:30:320:13:04M812 
4 Nathan Hahn 49M PortlandOR13:38:200:13:12M1013 
5 Christie Hayes 46FWest RichlandWA13:47:350:13:21F1012 
6 Matt Lattuada 47MOceansideCA14:16:270:13:49M1024 
7 Chris Connelly 32MBonney LakeWA14:16:290:13:49M715 
8 Jeremy Bordelon 40M PortlandOR15:18:420:14:49M926 
9 Shawn Aebi 58MWoodinvilleWA15:26:430:14:57M1217 
10 Ryan Bedard 40MTacomaWA16:12:350:15:41M938 
11 Kallie Conrad 35F Oregon CityOR16:13:220:15:42F823 
12 David Elsbernd 65MSalemOR16:34:210:16:02M1419 
13 Troy Wicks 53MWoodburnOR17:05:130:16:32M11110 
14 Matthew Humble 49MOceansideCA17:52:160:17:18M10311 
15 Ethan Moorman 28MDupontWA19:23:120:18:46M6112 
16 Del Scharffenberg 74MMilwaukieOR22:29:220:21:46M15113 

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