Silverton Health 1 Mile Kids Run

1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Cohen Mulick 10MSilvertonOR00:09:130:09:13M311 
2 Elisha Short 9MSilvertonOR00:09:230:09:23M212 
3 Lauren Ortega 10FSilvertonOR00:09:230:09:23F311 
4 Brody Kuenzi 9MSilvertonOR00:09:370:09:37M223 
5 Griffin Kuenzi 7MSilvertonOR00:09:390:09:39M234 
6 Levi Schurter 7MSilvertonOR00:09:470:09:47M245 
7 Kanoa Buckley 7MSilvertonOR00:09:520:09:52M256 
8 Lauren Gilkison 8FMollalaOR00:09:550:09:55F212 
9 Justus Funk 9MSilvertonOR00:09:570:09:57M267 
10 Libby Grogan 11F  00:10:040:10:04F323 
11 Malachi Funk 8MSilvertonOR00:10:080:10:08M278 
12 Kailea Buckley 9FSilvertonOR00:10:240:10:24F224 
13 Christian Grogert 7M  00:10:340:10:34M289 
14 Giovanni Aiazzi 7MSilvertonOR00:10:450:10:45M2910 
15 Leyla Powell 7FSilvertonOR00:10:560:10:56F235 
16 Chloe Koster 8FSilvertonOR00:11:250:11:25F246 
17 Carspm Vonweller 6M  00:11:270:11:27M21011 
18 Violet Huff 6FSilvertonOR00:11:360:11:36F257 
19 Langston Riches 6MSilvertonOR00:12:130:12:13M21112 
20 Colby Wavra 9MSilvertonOR00:12:210:12:21M21213 
21 Luka Bauman 6M  00:12:270:12:27M21314 
22 Lillianna Johnson 6FSilvertonOR00:12:290:12:29F268 
23 Henry Briggs 7MSilvertonOR00:12:310:12:31M21415 
24 Chloe Grogan 10F  00:12:310:12:31F339 
25 Helen Schmitz 8FSilvertonOR00:12:320:12:32F2710 
26 Landon Kuenzi 5MSilvertonOR00:12:470:12:47M21516 
27 Lincoln Schurter 4MSilvertonOR00:12:520:12:52M1117 
28 Brianna Koster 10FSilvertonOR00:12:540:12:54F3411 
29 Emma Brewer 7FSalemOR00:12:570:12:57F2812 
30 Seble Stutzman 6FSilvertonOR00:13:050:13:05F2913 
31 Rowan Mannion 6F  00:13:120:13:12F21014 
32 Brody Panuke 7MSilvertonOR00:13:130:13:13M21618 
33 Gemma Mulick 7FSilvertonOR00:13:140:13:14F21115 
34 Terence Short 7MSilvertonOR00:13:140:13:14M21719 
35 Logan Rice 8MSilvertonOR00:13:150:13:15M21820 
36 Paisley Rains 9FMt. AngelOR00:13:150:13:15F21216 
37 Lexington Rains 7FMt. AngelOR00:13:220:13:22F21317 
38 Kesean Downs 6MSalemOR00:13:340:13:34M21921 
39 Lorelei Edelman 5FSilvertonOR00:13:480:13:48F21418 
40 Mary Fronza 7FSilvertonOR00:13:540:13:54F21519 
41 Danica Ebner 7FSalemOR00:13:560:13:56F21620 
42 Easton Rains 6FMt. AngelOR00:14:070:14:07F21721 
43 Marijke Vissers 7FSilvertonOR00:14:090:14:09F21822 
44 Maggie Grogan 10F  00:14:470:14:47F3523 
45 Brayden Tickner 4MSilvertonOR00:15:120:15:12M1222 
46 Megan Wavra 4FSilvertonOR00:15:150:15:15F1124 
47 Tess Dettwyler 5FSilvertonOR00:15:280:15:28F21925 
48 Isobel Huff 7FSilvertonOR00:15:310:15:31F22026 
49 Mira Woodward 5FSilvertonOR00:15:380:15:38F22127 
50 Benjamin Brewer 4MSalemOR00:15:450:15:45M1323 
51 Brayden Robertson 8MSilvertonOR00:16:030:16:03M22024 
52 Taeo Putham 8MSilvertonOR00:16:170:16:17M22125 
53 Alany Isiordia 4F  00:17:030:17:03F1228 
54 Nora Woodward 5FSilvertonOR00:17:120:17:12F22229 
55 Anthony Edelman 3MSilvertonOR00:17:320:17:32M1426 
56 Brittyn Wavra 3FSilvertonOR00:18:130:18:13F1330 
57 Miles Mulick 6MSilvertonOR00:18:180:18:18M22227 
58 Anabelle Ebner 3FSalemOR00:19:170:19:17F1431 
59 Adrianna Isiordia 3F  00:19:260:19:26F1532 
60 Payton Johnson 3MSilvertonOR00:24:000:24:00M1528 
61 Avery Tickner 3FSilvertonOR00:26:540:26:54F1633 

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