Silverton Kids 1 mile Run

1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Jackson Pfeifer 10MSilvertonOR00:08:490:08:49M311 
2 Zach Kuenzi 10MSilvertonOR00:08:590:08:59M322 
3 Jonathan Duval 10MSilvertonOR00:09:050:09:05M333 
4 Cohen Mulick 9MSilvertonOR00:09:220:09:22M214 
5 Lauren Ortega 9FSilvertonOR00:09:300:09:30F211 
6 Elisha Short 8MSilvertonOR00:09:350:09:35M225 
7 Grady Orton 7MSalemOR00:09:440:09:44M236 
8 Hannah Basher 10F  00:09:550:09:55F312 
9 George Dettwyler 10MSilvertonOR00:09:560:09:56M347 
10 Vos Berakoff 8MSilvertonOR00:10:160:10:16M248 
11 Logan Stutzman 10M  00:10:190:10:19M359 
12 Brody Kuenzi 8MSilvertonOR00:10:210:10:21M2510 
13 Jacob Meyer 8MSilvertonOR00:10:370:10:37M2611 
14 Sage Traeger 8MSilvertonOR00:10:390:10:39M2712 
15 Ethan Sheesley 10MLafayetteOR00:10:450:10:45M3613 
16 Grace Traeger 9FSilvertonOR00:10:460:10:46F223 
17 Owen Boyd 9M  00:10:480:10:48M2814 
18 Griffin Kuenzi 6MSilvertonOR00:10:530:10:53M2915 
19 Colton Middlestetter 7MSilvertonOR00:10:540:10:54M21016 
20 Eli Eubanks 7MSilvertonOR00:10:560:10:56M21117 
21 Lauren Gilkison 7FMolallaOR00:10:580:10:58F234 
22 Levi Schurter 6MSilvertonOR00:11:020:11:02M21218 
23 Brianna Koster 9FSilvertonOR00:11:100:11:10F245 
24 Gabriella Richardson 10F  00:11:180:11:18F326 
25 Brooklynn Pfeifer 8FSilvertonOR00:11:250:11:25F257 
26 Cecelia Petrik 10FSilvertonOR00:11:320:11:32F338 
27 Darby Ullan 9FSilvertonOR00:11:380:11:38F269 
28 Michael Terrazas 7MKeizerOR00:11:390:11:39M21319 
29 Kailea Budkley 8FSilvertonOR00:11:440:11:44F2710 
30 Hailey Meyer 8FSilvertonOR00:11:460:11:46F2811 
31 Kanoa Buckley 6MSilvertonOR00:11:550:11:55M21420 
32 Nate Kaplan 7MSilvertonOR00:12:440:12:44M21521 
33 Helen Schmitz 7FSilvertonOR00:12:450:12:45F2912 
34 Lindsey Schmidt 9FMt. AngelOR00:12:540:12:54F21013 
35 Candra Mallorie 10FSilvertonOR00:12:580:12:58F3414 
36 Jenna Schurter 9FSilvertonOR00:12:580:12:58F21115 
37 Addie Bashor 8F  00:13:010:13:01F21216 
38 Makani Buckley 10MSilvertonOR00:13:030:13:03M3722 
39 Morgan Swiderski 8FSalemOR00:13:090:13:09F21317 
40 Tyler Podeon 8M  00:13:170:13:17M21623 
41 Miles Mulick 5M  00:13:170:13:17M21724 
42 Kristina Baldwin 8FSilvertonOR00:13:170:13:17F21418 
43 Sawyer Pettinger 8MAumsvilleOR00:13:220:13:22M21825 
44 Sophia Kaplan 9FSilvertonOR00:13:280:13:28F21519 
45 Eloise Kelley 8FSilvertonOR00:13:290:13:29F21620 
46 Gemma Mulick 6FSilvertonOR00:13:330:13:33F21721 
47 Emilie Huebsch 10F  00:13:360:13:36F3522 
48 Wilson Slaughter 8MSilvertonOR00:13:410:13:41M21926 
49 Adrianna Isiordia 2FWoodburnOR00:14:000:14:00F1123 
50 Alany Isiordia 3FWoodburnOR00:14:000:14:00F1224 
51 Chloe Koster 7FSilvertonOR00:14:120:14:12F21825 
52 Mary Fronza 6FSilvertonOR00:14:200:14:20F21926 
53 Landon Kuenzi 4MSilvertonOR00:14:270:14:27M1127 
54 Rowan Mannion 5FSilvertonOR00:14:350:14:35F22027 
55 Elijah Bashor 5M  00:15:090:15:09M22028 
56 Keegan Ulven 5MSilvertonOR00:15:240:15:24M22129 
57 Beti Stutzman 8F  00:15:390:15:39F22128 
58 Ethan Wiegand 6MSilvertonOR00:15:450:15:45M22230 
59 Lorelei Edelman 4FSilvertonOR00:15:460:15:46F1329 
60 Julian Rios 9MSilvertonOR00:16:130:16:13M22331 
61 Lily Petracci 10FMolallaOR00:16:140:16:14F3630 
62 Brayden Sanders 7MSilvertonOR00:16:180:16:18M22432 
63 Terence Short 6MSilvertonOR00:16:190:16:19M22533 
64 Lilian Richardson 8F  00:16:360:16:36F22231 
65 Grace Leeper 9FSilvertonOR00:16:370:16:37F22332 
66 Grace Payton 10F  00:16:430:16:43F3733 
67 Tess Dettwyler 4FSilvertonOR00:16:560:16:56F1434 
68 Megan Wavra 3FSilvertonOR00:17:010:17:01F1535 
69 Roselynn Schurter 3F  00:17:080:17:08F1636 
70 Laney White 2F  00:17:150:17:15F1737 
71 Cade Middlestetter 4MSilvertonOR00:17:260:17:26M1234 
72 Cole Perez 8MSilvertonOR00:17:280:17:28M22635 
73 Alana Gerlits 2F  00:17:290:17:29F1838 
74 Carver Pettinger 4MAumsvilleOR00:17:400:17:40M1336 
75 Seble Stutzman 4F  00:17:550:17:55F1939 
76 Sullivan Slaughter 6MSilvertonOR00:18:100:18:10M22737 
77 Talon Ulven 7MSilvertonOR00:19:520:19:52M22838 
78 Charlie Dettwyler 8FSilvertonOR00:20:450:20:45F22440 
79 Brooks Lister 5MCanbyOR00:20:560:20:56M22939 
80 Ava Dahlberg 9FSilvertonOR00:20:590:20:59F22541 
81 Henry Lewis 8MCorvallisOR00:21:080:21:08M23040 
82 Berlyn Lister 3FCanbyOR00:21:440:21:44F11042 
83 Wyatt Hurl 5MSilvertonOR00:21:500:21:50M23141 
84 Finley Dahlberg 4MSilvertonOR00:22:130:22:13M1442 
85 Maci Klopfenstein 3F  00:25:060:25:06F11143 
86 Mckenna Johnsen 5F  00:25:380:25:38F22644 
87 Ray Richardson 4M  00:27:080:27:08M1543 
88 Joe Clotfelter 4MSilvertonOR00:29:140:29:14M1644 

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