Vancouver Lake 3 Mile Trail Run

3 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Eric Dolezal 35M VancouverWA00:17:320:05:51M811CCRC
2 Willy Sayers 37M VancouverWA00:18:250:06:08M822 
3 Robert Roper 41M VancouverWA00:18:580:06:19M913 
4 Jere Dietz 26M  00:19:180:06:26M614 
5 Abby Knight 23F  00:19:250:06:28F511 
6 Porter Craig 13M  00:19:250:06:28M315 
7 Rolf Vellek 48MVancouver 00:19:570:06:39M1016 
8 Jennifer Teppo 58F VancouverWA00:20:420:06:54F1212 
9 Karen Craig 46F VancouverWA00:21:220:07:07F1013 
10 Juan Picho 56M VancouverWA00:22:000:07:20M1217 
11 Ken Stickney 64MVancouver 00:22:190:07:26M1318 
12 Melvin Hoff 37M VancouverWA00:22:560:07:39M839 
13 Rob Bossert 48MVancouver 00:23:150:07:45M10210 
14 Joe Rowley 63MTroutdaleOR00:23:180:07:46M13211 
15 Sam Matthews 33MVancouver 00:23:580:07:59M7112 
16 Mats Johansson 62M VancouverWA00:24:120:08:04M13313 
17 Destry Roper 36F  00:24:140:08:05F814 
18 John Phillips 63M VancouverWA00:24:190:08:06M13414 
19 Kelly Hoff 36FVancouver 00:24:520:08:17F825 
20 Rob Nelly 59M VancouverWA00:25:190:08:26M12215 
21 Richard Harns 43M  00:25:200:08:27M9216 
22 John Swatosh 59M  00:25:210:08:27M12317 
23 Kelly Hatfield 35FVancouver 00:25:470:08:36F836 
24 Mike Mckinney 48MVancouver 00:25:510:08:37M10318 
25 Tom Harris 71M VancouverWA00:26:280:08:49M15119 
26 Greyson Roper 8M  00:26:500:08:57M2120 
27 Jeremy Hatfield 34MVancouver 00:27:220:09:07M7221 
28 Michael Grossnickle 60M  00:27:500:09:17M13522 
29 Russ Zornick 60M VancouverWA00:28:200:09:27M13623CCRC
30 Teresa Phimister 62F VancouverWA00:28:380:09:33F1317 
31 Amy Campbell 35FVancouver 00:28:380:09:33F848 
32 Jay Kitchin 69MVancouver 00:28:410:09:34M14124 
33 Odene Turner 58M VancouverWA00:31:260:10:29M12425 
34 Sarah Abernathy 65F VancouverWA00:32:040:10:41F1419 
35 Jenny Deaconnelly 59F VancouverWA00:32:240:10:48F12210 
36 Molly Taylor 35FVancouver 00:33:390:11:13F8511 
37 Dan Riley 65M VancouverWA00:33:450:11:15M14226 
38 Judy Green 64F Portland 00:35:250:11:48F13212 
39 Pam Mckinney 49FVancouver 00:37:510:12:37F10213 
40 Jill Mckinney 26F  00:37:510:12:37F6114 
41 Bryan Chapman 65M WoodlandWA00:42:400:14:13M14327 
42 Sandy Riley 63F VancouverWA00:45:060:15:02F13315 
43 Carolyn Bossert 49FVancouver 00:47:230:15:48F10316 
44 John Newland 17M  00:47:410:15:54M4128 
45 Glen Hostetter 62M VancouverWA00:49:110:16:24M13729 

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