Vancouver Lake 4 Mile Run

4 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Steven Short 42M Lake OswegoOR00:22:020:05:30M911 
2 Joe Dudman 54M PortlandOR00:24:330:06:08M1112Team Red Lizard
3 Mike Pagalan 34M PortlandOR00:25:290:06:22M713 
4 Clair Kessler 36F PortlandOR00:27:530:06:58F811 
5 Robert Roper 42M VancouverWA00:29:220:07:20M924 
6 Chloe Thompson 12F PortlandOR00:29:530:07:28F312 
7 Jay Vachhani 34M PortlandOR00:30:020:07:31M725 
8 Mark Curtiss 36M PortlandOR00:30:500:07:43M816 
9 Nolan Waters 31M PortlandOR00:31:010:07:45M737 
10 David Worden 50M VancouverWA00:31:100:07:47M1128 
11 Rob Bossert 50M VancouverWA00:31:330:07:53M1139 
12 Madeleine Sellers 60FStevensonWA00:31:560:07:59F1313 
13 Christopher Wu 28M VancouverWA00:32:070:08:02M6110 
14 Mary Mccormick 53F BeavertonOR00:32:170:08:04F1114 
15 Jonathon Davidson 34M Battle GroundWA00:32:240:08:06M7411 
16 Jackson Thibert 10M VancouverWA00:32:590:08:15M3112 
17 Bob Hagan 64MStevensonWA00:33:390:08:25M13113 
18 Enzo Solan 11MBrush PrairieWA00:33:560:08:29M3214 
19 Michelle Solan 47F  00:33:590:08:30F1015 
20 John Phillips 65M VancouverWA00:34:090:08:32M14115 
21 Sergio Penalozou 10M VancouverWA00:34:330:08:38M3316 
22 Sherri Mcmillan 48F VancouverWA00:34:460:08:41F1026 
23 Angela Niger 29FAlohaOR00:34:470:08:42F617 
24 Will Kitchen 51MCamasWA00:36:420:09:10M11417 
25 Teri Wright 56FSalemOR00:36:480:09:12F1218 
26 Billiejo Thomas 37F VancouverWA00:36:560:09:14F829 
27 Erin Huffard 33F VancouverWA00:37:350:09:24F7110 
28 Marty Thibert 47M VancouverWA00:37:410:09:25M10118 
29 Brady Davidson 10M Battle GroundWA00:38:230:09:36M3419 
30 Angie Garinis 39F PortlandOR00:38:240:09:36F8311 
31 Elijah Macht 11M VancouverWA00:38:330:09:38M3520 
32 Marlow Macht 45M VancouverWA00:38:340:09:38M10221 
33 Traci Johnson 53F VancouverWA00:38:520:09:43F11212 
34 Darhl Thomason 52M VancouverWA00:39:090:09:47M11522 
35 Sabin Kotsovos 11M VancouverWA00:39:130:09:48M3623 
36 Holly Kotsovos 42F VancouverWA00:39:340:09:53F9113 
37 Patricia Cordova 50F VancouverWA00:40:050:10:01F11314 
38 Elizabeth Fitzsimons 22FCamasWA00:40:060:10:01F5115 
39 Patricia Fitzsimons 50FCamasWA00:40:060:10:01F11416 
40 Stephen Wu 61M VancouverWA00:40:520:10:13M13224 
41 Cricket Crane 48F VancouverWA00:41:040:10:16F10317 
42 Becky Odem 46F WA00:41:060:10:17F10418 
43 Dawn Tolotti 47F VancouverWA00:41:070:10:17F10519 
44 Rochelle Markowski 50FWashougalWA00:41:070:10:17F11520 
45 Sandra Grover 39F PortlandOR00:41:310:10:23F8421 
46 I-hsin Song 37F PortlandOR00:41:320:10:23F8522 
47 Lucas Walburn 10M VancouverWA00:41:320:10:23M3725 
48 Geoffrey Pestes 37M VancouverWA00:41:450:10:26M8226 
49 Roman Ferguson 10M Battle GroundWA00:41:470:10:27M3827 
50 Jennifer Graham 46FAliquippaPA00:41:570:10:29F10623 
51 Tavin Timperley 8M VancouverWA00:42:230:10:36M2128 
52 Brandi Timperley 37F VancouverWA00:42:300:10:38F8624 
53 Breanna Grable 30FWashougalWA00:43:040:10:46F7225 
54 Vicki Davis 45FLa CenterWA00:45:160:11:19F10726 
55 Patrick Davis 53MLa CenterWA00:45:160:11:19M11629 
56 Ruby Ferguson 10F Battle GroundWA00:45:280:11:22F3227 
57 Jordan Tidwell 9M VancouverWA00:45:550:11:29M2230 
58 Gavin Harper 10M VancouverWA00:46:130:11:33M3931 
59 Lacey Seaton 37F VancouverWA00:46:450:11:41F8728 
60 Elisabeth Giese 25F VancouverWA00:49:200:12:20F6229 
61 Deanna Like 48F VancouverWA00:50:400:12:40F10830 
62 Joshua Like 15M VancouverWA00:50:400:12:40M4132 
63 Stephanie Sargeant 50F VancouverWA00:51:200:12:50F11631 
64 Mitch Wilder 43MHillsboroOR00:54:170:13:34M9333 
65 Trina Latshaw 48FRidgefieldWA00:55:420:13:56F10932 
66 Andrew Ferguson 49M Battle GroundWA00:57:250:14:21M10334 
67 Thom Wilson 36MMilwaukieOR00:59:010:14:45M8335 
68 Mary Timperley 66F VancouverWA01:08:410:17:10F14133 
69 Paul Horton 52MMilwaukieOR01:10:350:17:39M11736 
70 Cindi Morrow 49F VancouverWA01:13:190:18:20F101034 
71 Pam Kelley-dockter 49F PortlandOR01:13:200:18:20F101135 
72 Mary Theonnes 54F VancouverWA01:23:320:20:53F11736 

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